09 June 2015

Over the weekend, I made some improvements in my hacklab with a new pegboard using 3D printed parts to organize tools that I frequently use while 3D printing and soldering. The pegboard is a 16x16 black plastic pegboard from Home Depot. These boards interconnect, so I can add more of them at a later point. The printed parts were all available on Thingiverse without modification.

Screwdriver funnel - I printed five of these funnels, and I really like them. Not only do they work for screwdrivers, but they are also good for needle nose pliers and clamps.

Scissor and caliper holders - Since my caliper is much cheaper than the one shown on Thingiverse and it does not have the dial on the one side, I would have actually been better off printing a second scissor holder for my caliper. However, there was no reason to print a replacement. If you look closely at the image, you can see that it was actually better to switch my scissors to the caliper holder because of this.

Filament spool holder - I had intended to use these to hold filament spools, but they did not fit my spools. They did however turned out to be excellent for holding rolls of tape.

Wire spool holder - Despite the fact that Radio Shack is in distress, I really like these holders for their standard wire spools (1" inner diameter). I did have a problem with "Spool_Holder_Part_A.stl" though. I ended up using zip ties to attach "part B" to the pegboard.

Xacto holder - This design should have been modified before I printed it. But, I made it work. Because it is actually described as "wall mounted," the holes are a little large for being bolted to a pegboard. Also, I had to heat and re-mold the opening where the knife gets inserted because it was warped when it came out of the printer. I am not sure if this is a problem with the quality of my printer or the design. Either way, it worked out great in the end and this holder is a favorite of mine for both convenience and safety.